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It's Time For Real Representation in California's 2nd District!

After a decade of improper representation and a decade of promises made and promises unkept, it's time for change. It's time for real representation. It's time for Darian J. Elizondo for California's 2nd District.

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May 5th, 2022

In a Roundtable Townhall Event put on by the Marin Independent Journal of the Bay Area News Group, several candidates in the race for California's Second District were invited for a discussion on key issues as well as a contention for the Publisher's Endorsement. Darian J. Elizondo, joined by Incumbent Representative Jared Huffman.

Focusing on the interactions between Mr. Huffman and Mr. Elizondo here are the highlights:

Several questions were asked and each candidate was given two minutes to answer each one.

On the topic of the Ukrainian Conflict, Darian J. Elizondo took the opportunity to criticize the current Administration's diplomacy. Particularly the lack thereof in peaceful alternatives to what Mr. Elizondo referred to as "yet another attempt to start a proxy war. And even more dangerous in that it would be a proxy war with a Nuclear Power". Citing a quote from Nancy Pelosi’s “surprise delegation to Kyiv and Poland'' in that she perpetuated the “in it to win it” mentality of American Interventionism, and how detrimental it was to peaceful resolutions. 

In true "maverick republican" fashion, Mr. Elizondo would go on to say that it is the duty of Congress to declare war and any military action taken without such a declaration is inherently unconstitutional.

When Mr. Elizondo was pressed on his opinion, he also cited a documentary produced by critically acclaimed American filmmaker Oliver Stone, Ukraine on Fire (2016). Which covered in great detail the nuances of the conflict in the Donbas region. Especially the fascist ties from the Second World War in the region rearing its ugly head in the form of the reprehensible Azov Battalion. And his point being it would be even more reprehensible if American support of such organizations was implemented after 552,117 American servicemen made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against fascism. Mr. Elizondo also made reference to such a comprehensive documentary being pulled from YouTube and other such platforms.

Then came Huffman’s turn to speak, in which there was no hesitation in, as he said “pushing back against Mr. Elizondo” he would go on to discredit Stone’s documentary saying “you have to choose a better source than something from youtube. Disinformation is dangerous, and disinformation is something we have to fight across the board.” And “these are simply Russian talking points.” Completely dismissing the entire point raised by Mr. Elizondo. 

“This isn’t a proxy war” he said, seemingly aligning himself with Secretary of State Blinken’s disastrous actions taken in the wake of the conflict, “we’ve had proxy wars in the past and this isn’t it. We have to stand united with a fellow democratic nation” showing his unabashed support of his party line of American Interventionism abroad. 

When the next issue was raised, that of the drought and water problems facing California, Mr. Elizondo took the opportunity to express his concerns on “legislation that amounts to an attack on our dams”

Huffman immediately questioned Mr. Elizondo on his sources, stating “there is no such legislation, that’s pretty much an urban myth” Mr. Elizondo pushed back on Huffman on his dismissal, “I was referring to the 21st Century Dams Act” a bill that would, in essence, invest $22.1 Billion to “remove dams that are no longer necessary”.

Huffman backtracked, responding with, “oh that’s legislation proposed by a colleague from New Hampshire, which I co-sponsor.” He then reiterated the mission statement of removing dams based on their defunct and obsolete status. Prompting Mr. Elizondo to hit back with, “well what about the Scott Dam? Do we want to spend the projected $118 million to remove it?”

A substantial question that was met with silence. Except Huffman who interjected, “well it’s to assist the owners of the dams.” But Mr. Elizondo was obviously concerned with the burden this would cause the taxpayer. A better question remains, does Huffman even realize the extent of the bills he co-sponsors? Or the damage to his constituents it represents? 

Apparently not, as on another issue Huffman would again spout his “Green Crusader” persona. In that, he would imply that Californian families ought to only use a single car in order for greener alternatives and social infrastructure such as public transportation be better implemented.

Mr. Elizondo’s reaction, which was well received by the rest of the participants, was that of concern. “Especially in our district we have to take into account the rurality of our community. In many instances for us up north, Hospitals are often 3 hours away. We simply cannot impede the ability to compensate for that under any circumstances.”

(We await the release of the articles from the media involved in this great and productive discussion, and will link them as they are released!)

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March 13th, 2022

In a Sunday Town Hall event, Freedom for Mendo, a Mendocino County-based group dedicated to the topic of Medical Freedoms held a discussion on "Citizen's Rights to Choose". Congressional Candidate, Darian J. Elizondo (pictured at the event) was among the "heavy-hitting" guest speakers who not only addressed the topic of Medical Freedoms but took the opportunity to discuss his platform, an ambitious collection of essays known as "Darian J. Elizondo's Big Six Strategies". 

An excerpt of his Speech: 

 "When other candidates bring to you complaints, I bring solutions. I would like to briefly touch on these topics.

I’ll start with the, 

Deregulation of Business, It’s no secret that California stands as one of the most over regulated states in this union. Simply put, as the previous administration showed us, easing regulations and giving tax breaks to small enterprises goes a long way into growing our economy, the same strategy may also solve our ongoing energy crisis.

My next point has to do with, 

Policing, When you grow up in any rural part of the United States like myself, you put tremendous trust and value into the ability of our first responders. Jared Huffman’s refusal to stand up to his Partyline of the “defund the police” narrative honestly made me sick. I’m sure most of you in this room would concur!

Moving on, another issue all too well-known to your average California,

Immigration, We may very well need the help of immigrant workers, I’ve witnessed this myself, during my time in the lumber industry. Now it is my belief we must uphold a time tested and traditional approach to legal immigration, not to do away with it. Open borders endangers the American people and those in search of a better life; If I didnt know better, I would think our current representation wishes to embolden the cartels and human traffickers. There are 9 US Embassies and Consulates in Mexico, and it is inexcusable that illegal immigration continues on, given the resources available

Nextly, not an issue as much as it is a great tradgedy we are all too familiar with,

Homelessness, When it comes to the crisis of Homelessness rocking California in particular, Mr. Huffman passes the buck to local leadership, doing little to curtail Homelessness on the rise nationwide. It should’ve been handled on the local level at the first onset of the crisis, it’s too late now. By throwing millions of taxpayers dollars at the issue, we have only grown the problem, now is the time for Federal action. My pamphlet offers examples of my proposals to combat this issue with merit based programs that would both curb the surge in homelessness and grow our long neglected and dissipating middle class.

And now, the issue most pertinent to everyone in this room and an issue that’s dominated political discourse for these past two years,

 Medical Freedoms, As for my last point, Our lack of proper representation, in that, all of America was forced to follow mandates in place of actual legislation, was nothing short of tyrannical. We must have representation that not only protects our health but our personal freedoms and our right to choose. We must ensure that the harmful actions taken these past two years not just be forgotten, but that they not act as precedent for any future violations of our liberty. One of our Nation’s framers, Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

And speaking of liberty:


Thank you all for your time! God bless you! And God bless these United States!"

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