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An American Exceptionalist

Darian J. Elizondo A proud father and a lifelong Californian was born in Sonoma, on May 18th, 1970. Since 1979, he has been a citizen of California’s own Mendocino County.

            From an early age, He witnessed firsthand the beginnings of societal stagnation from the Democratic-sponsored Welfare State and ever since has seen the value of the beautiful land he called home as well as the value of hard work and strong convictions.

            Brought up in his adolescence in California’s 2nd district, a district world-renowned for its timber industry, he would begin his journey in 1986 at the Harwood Sawmill as a high schooler and into his early adulthood working his way up through each position often learning all he could to climb his way up the ladder. From the lowest position to Foreman. A young man, determined to take a slice of the American dream. Cementing his career in the timber industry, watching on as the NAFTA agreement killed off the industry that had made California’s 2nd district so great, he was faced with A changing economic landscape, one that put the livelihoods of him and his fellow workers, and that of their families in a possible state of jeopardy, Darian J. Elizondo saw the need for a career change and promptly sought it.

            In 2004, he joined Bailey’s INC. as a sales representative, where his industrious attitude would single him out as a force to be reckoned with when it came to hard work, and business savvy. Under the tutelage and example of some of the brightest business minds of the local level, he would soon discover his intrepid ethos as a venture capitalist. And when over-regulation, much akin to NAFTA, reared its ugly head, yet another business that had sustained his Community was forced to relocate outside of California‘s Second District.

            So much so that in 2012 he and three partners would start their own business, taking on a contract and investment that as a young man he could only dream of, Rolling the dice against a system that had been stacked against his favor in the form of California’s disastrous legislation towards small business and the American dream at large. With his entrepreneurial spirit, and as a chief investor, he would turn an enterprise valued at only $12,500, to a value of 1.7 million dollars in only two years.

            Speculating that he could carry his success to the next level, buying out his partners, he again rolled the dice in an all-or-nothing gambit with yet another enterprise in 2018, this time independently he took on another sizable contact this time with no investment but rather the ambition of his own character. Starting with only $30,000, and as of 2022 is on track to succeed his past enterprise, after just four years with his business acumen bringing his company to prosperity even in the midst of a global pandemic. He proved himself a man with a natural penchant for wise investment, and a knack for venture capitalism, never shying away from even the highest stakes.

            Darian J. Elizondo came from humble beginnings, Like so many of his fellow Americans, he too suffered under failed leadership and lack of proper representation. His story is one of overcoming the odds to pursue the American dream. Now his story is challenging those odds so his fellow Americans can pursue the American dream, free of those burdens of improper representation and failed leadership.

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