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It's time for a change, it's time for real representation in California's 2nd District!

This however, is the representation we've had for nearly a decade:

Our Opposition: Welcome


Jared Huffman was Elected as the Representative of CA-2 after two terms as an Assemblyman representing CA-6 in Sacramento, an impressive career for very unimpressive legislation. Here's what he's been up to since 2012.

  • Jared Huffman's platform portrays him as an environmentalist and a champion of green legislation, even so much as garnering the support of the age-old Sierra Club, a titan of least until a scandal broke in stories across the media that the organization accepted $25 Million from Chesapeake Energy, a conglomerate known for practices that would make your average eco-warrior hurl. But we'd never consider Mr. Huffman a hypocrite, he's just endorsed by hypocrites.

  • One of Huffman's most significant contributors is the Walton Family Foundation, despite the Walton Family's worldwide chain "Wal-Mart" registering a reported greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions totaling 17.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) in 2019. But this prompts silence from our Representative on Capitol Hill.

  • Huffman has co-sponsored the "21st Century Dams Act" a bill that means to dismantle water storage facilities across the nation and foot a $21.1 Billion bill to our taxpayers. Now as any Californian would tell you. threatening water storage is never a good idea, and as any farmer would tell you threatening the water supply would make market shelves bare...but at least Wal-Mart won't emit greenhouse gasses to transport that pesky food we need to survive.

  • And maybe we can have a perfectly clean society if gas prices continue to rise, no protests from Huffman are heard in the Capital at least, but what Huffman has supported was a notion that we his constituents can do as disastrous CA Governor Gavin Newsom askes of us and go electric, after all, it's only Congolese children working in the cobalt mines, not ours. 

  • Speaking of Huffman's support of Newsom, the Governor's tyrannical approach to the Covid-19 pandemic which included the government stepping between parents and their children, and several religious denominations being threatened should they dare to convene at a place of worship has met by Huffman's applause, odd for a man who claims to "push public policy based on science and reason" or "defending the freedom of religion of his constituents. Empty words it seems.

For ten years, it has been promises made, and promises unkept. Enough is enough! This June 7th, Vote Darian J. Elizondo and take back your voice!​

And when they say "Vote Blue No Matter Who" we say "Get Outta Bed And Vote Red!"

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