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The Representative of California’s 2nd Congressional District, Jared Huffman, was first elected to the Office in 2012 and assumed the seat in 2013. For a decade, the Congressman has described his platform as "pushing public policy formed on the basis of reason, science, and moral values"; promoting the "separation of church and state"; and opposing discrimination against "atheists, agnostics, humanists, seekers, religious and non-religious persons", as well as “Environmental protection greenhouse gas reduction, health care reform, increased funding and improved accountability in public education”. For a decade, he has been elected on unkept promises and untenable positions. 

             His disastrous representation of our District has left unanswered, his constituents’ concerns on homelessness and immigration, and in recent years, the concerns regarding small businesses, economic freedom, and the usage of taxpayers' dollars in international affairs. Even more topical being the medical freedoms of his constituents, and, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, these concerns are left more unrepresented than ever in his tenure.

Darian J. Elizondo is one of those constituents that have those very concerns and is sick and tired, much like the majority of you, of having those concerns left unanswered. So much so, he has pledged solutions, unlike his opponent. As our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt once said,” The worst lesson that can be taught a man is to rely upon others and to whine over his sufferings. If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work”. Support Darian J. Elizondo in reaffirming our pride, and not relying on Jared Huffman’s insupportable Representation any longer.

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Medical Freedoms:

          Recently, Mr. Huffman’s Lack of stalwart representation of his constituents’ interests in regards to medical freedoms raised concerns amongst citizens of his district, concerns Congressman Huffman quickly dismissed as “hateful” in a Marin County Townhall he held in June 2021. He refuses to speak on national mask mandates, and other measures taken in the wake of the pandemic, outside of democratic party lines. He seems to represent the interests of only the DNC and not of the people of California’s second congressional district or the nation at large. 

          When pressed for an opinion on the revocation of our medical freedoms, he immediately dismisses it as “Trump Rhetoric”. Showing that he not only politicizes such an important issue for his own interests, and the interests of his party, but that he isn’t even listening to his constituents. He doesn’t listen, but he still presumes to speak on our behalf, “that’s not the way we think in this district” he quipped. An “appeal to authority” fallacy, is the worst mistake a public speaker could ever hope to make, that simply because he devoutly subscribes to the "Fauci doctrine" so too must his constituents. Well Darian J. Elizondo sees right through this fallacy. 

          Whereas Huffman sees hateful, violent crowds crashing his Townhall, Mr. Elizondo sees concerned patriots. Where Huffman’s party sees a “bioterrorist”, Darian J Elizondo sees a little old lady holding a sign. Where Huffman either applauds or silently supports the mandates put into action by President Biden, and Governor Newsom, Mr. Elizondo sees the children of his fellow constituents being clad in masks. Huffman stated very clearly that he was going to “ push public policy formed on the basis of reason, science, and moral values” but his silence is proof of the hypocritical leadership that plagues not only California but the entire nation on a federal scale. In rhetoric that constantly tells us that there’s a new variant of the virus, or that the science is changing, or that we, as citizens should never hope to question science, Darian J. Elizondo rises to challenge that rhetoric. And when Huffman says that reason, science, and moral values matter to him, Darian J. Elizondo challenges his honesty, anyone who claims to represent those values would not be doing the same things Jared Huffman is doing. 

          For a decade, this is but one of many promises unkept. Mr. Elizondo does not offer empty promises, he offers solutions on real issues not bogged down by race-baiting, or crying hate speech when someone challenges his rhetoric, no, Mr. Elizondo welcomes debate in any capacity, he doesn’t run away. 

          And when Congressman Huffman speaks On free healthcare, while simultaneously not speaking out for medical freedom, then it is safe to assume that he represents the interests of big pharmaceutical companies and not the interests of his own constituents.

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          An issue all too well known by every American, and an issue bungled by our leadership. Every attempt to combat the issue ended with failure felt only by the taxpayer. Congressman Huffman has often referred to his work on the local level, to combat homelessness. However, the epidemic of homelessness has far extended the boundaries of local level governments, this is now a national issue, an issue that must be reassessed by the federal government. Huffman’s proposals and those of his Party only mean to dump money into growing the problem, not combating it. 

          In several cases, namely when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction preventing The City of Los Angeles from discarding large, unabandoned items. Or the Supreme Court's refusal of hearing an appeal related to the City of Boise v. Martin “letting stand a ruling that amounts to a broad curb on police powers in California and eight other states to stop people from sleeping on public property if no other shelter is available.” Has allotted for a legal slippery slope rather than action. We simply must uphold indecent exposure laws, and laws against loitering, that every American regardless of background must be held to the same set of standards, the fact that a party all too obsessed with the word equality would ignore that fact is indefensible.

          The Californian homelessness crisis has had enough legislation to combat it but in the wrong way. Instead of homelessness, they mean to replace it with the equal housing opportunity legislation, a terrible piece of legislation with a pretty bow on top of it. A piece of legislation that means to replace homelessness with low-income housing which is altogether a step in the wrong direction, 

          A piece of legislation that means to incentivize stagnation, that means to lift people out of homelessness yet doesn’t allow them to pursue the American dream. A denial is only made prevalent by rent prices relative to income, which lowers homelessness, but damages unemployment, altogether it is a horrible wound that is only had a Band-Aid put on top of it. 

          Coupled together with Welfare benefits that incentivize fatherless homes and means to damage the nuclear family even further than it already has been by terrible social policy much like it.

          The remedy of this crisis is merit-based programs on a federal level in order to both combat the homeless crisis, while avoiding an unemployment crisis in its place, and not government handouts as proposed by congressman Huffman and his counterparts.

          Darian J. Elizondo proposes a hard-line approach to the crisis, a series of social reforms spearheaded by federal legislation. The first part of the plan is to recognize the great Republican mistake, that being the Reagan era policy of dismantling our state hospitals, and re-opening them. It is no surprise that a portion of the homeless Populus are either malnourished and unhealthy as a result of being exposed to the open environment or from copious drug abuse, or suffering from mental disabilities, The state hospitals can confront the above-stated issues of that portion of the homeless population that simply cannot function societally as other citizens can, and provide a reduction to the affected population of the overall crisis at hand. Placing at the forefront, the healthcare of American citizens, something that Congressman Huffman has taken a stance on, and has delivered no substantial result in the house.

          The second part of the plan is an ambitious piece of legislation that would be proposed by Mr. Elizondo that would allocate federal resources effectively like never before. No longer wasting taxpayers' dollars on legislation with no potential but rather toward employment goals, that being a national merit-based program, a program that would take into account any abilities, skills, or trades according to each enrolled subject. 

          This program would federally subsidize 50% of an employer‘s financial responsibility to the employee for a predetermined amount of time, after such time has passed, the employer would be faced with either assuming 100% of the financial responsibility towards the employee, or the employee re-enrolling in the program. 

          In short, this program would combat homelessness, unemployment, and in time low-income neighborhoods. Thus increasing the middle class, presenting small businesses with a workforce, and merit-based programs that would lift all Americans away from The poverty line. That the homeless crisis would have a solution in that the homeless Populus would finally have a chance to pursue the American dream. That anyone homeless would have proper healthcare and be beholden legally to this merit-based employment program.

          Darian J Elizondo is sick and tired of seeing his fellow American citizens have to debase themselves with no other out, but he hopes to offer an out, this ambitious legislation would be the stepping stone towards a better America, one in which poverty will be the least of a citizen’s fears.

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          Congressman Jared Huffman has often said that he disagreed with President Donald J Trump‘s immigration policy “across the board”, he often speaks of comprehensive immigration reform, all the while supporting a broken system. Recognizing a broken system when it is broken is fine, but doing nothing about it and offering no solutions is unforgivable. He has even come out in support of the DACA act, without speaking out against the issues that warranted the DACA act. 

          His refusal to speak out against illegal immigration harms not only his constituents and his fellow citizens but the immigrants themselves. Throughout Jared Huffman‘s decade-long tenure, thousands of illegal immigrants have made the difficult and arduous journey across the border, brokering deals with coyotes and human traffickers that treat their lives as merchandise. The untold human rights violations that have stemmed from our leadership not taking action, Jared Huffman included isn’t just blatantly inexcusable, it’s downright disgusting.

          The congressman and the party to which he belongs doesn’t truly care about immigration, else they would not have put so many lives of both Americans and immigrants looking for a better future in America alike at risk. 

When confronted with their failures, congressman Huffman and the democratic party as a whole begin talking about non-issues pertaining to racism, that somehow supporting better immigration reform is a racist, hate-filled ideology. The truth is, no matter how hard Mr. Huffman may find it to confront, these concerns are not racist, they are not hate-filled, they are pointing out open borders ideology for the insanity it truly is. Without Borders, there can be no nation-state, and without a nation-state, there is only chaos. Who wants to support a man who would subject his fellow citizens and immigrants in search of a better tomorrow to chaos? 

          Darian J. Elizondo sees through this nonsense. As an American citizen and California native with Mexican ancestry, he supports an immigration system that supports immigrants willing to make a better life, not criminals, not human traffickers, and not the cartels. The latter of which has no doubt made a fortune on our broken immigration system.

          Even Senator Bernie Sanders, a proclaimed and unabashed “Democratic Socialist”, sees through the nonsense, saying in a Vox interview, “Open borders? That’s a Koch brothers proposal, a proposal that says essentially there is no United States.” and continued by saying, “and it’d make everybody in America poorer. You’re doing away with the concept of a nation-state, and I don’t think anybody agrees with that.” 

          Jared Huffman may feign contempt for the previous administration’s “ humanitarian crisis“ while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the untold horrors that happen to undocumented migratory immigrants. These poor people, from the start of their journey, are taken advantage of and treated less than human beings by traffickers of both people and drugs, only to again be taken advantage of once they cross the border. 

          Darian J. Elizondo means to rectify the mistakes of our broken immigration process, by making citizenship more widely available through a vetted process. Essentially, what the immigration process used to be, bringing back the legacy of Ellis Island and the countless American stories that started there.

It is a well-established fact that we need immigration to supplement the workforce. There are nine American embassies in Mexico, there is no excuse for illegal immigration, by going through the proper procedure, we cannot only spare immigrants from the horrors of crossing the border illegally, but we can also ensure that we have new American citizens beholden to the same laws and taxes as any other citizen, at the same time killing illegal enterprises such as drug and human trafficking, as well as saving countless lives.

          Why fix a proven process that has worked for the United States since the time of Ellis Island. It can therefore be argued, albeit from his willful ignorance, that there is immigrant blood on Jared Huffman‘s hands.

Darian J. Elizondo as representative of California’s second congressional district would welcome each and every new American citizen with pride and indiscrimination of background.

          When American poet, Emma Lazarus wrote “The New Colossus” about the Statue of Liberty, she wrote, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Perhaps without failed leadership like Huffman and his contemporaries, immigrants will stop being treated like wretched refuse and actually like human beings.

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Deregulation of Small Businesses:

          As the great American author, Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “ The best government is that which governs least”. In regards to small business, that sums up the core aspect of Darian J. Elizondo’s approach.

          When Congressman Huffman says he disagreed with Trump-era policies across the board, he not only refers to immigration but the tax reforms applied to small businesses. In the name of reducing carbon emissions, and keeping in line with the accordance of green energy, he has likewise indirectly sponsored the decline of the small businesses of his constituents. He wishes to preserve our diverse wildlife and botanical beauty, which is admirable, but not while the people are crushed by unfair regulation.

          Congressman Huffman believes there can only be one or the other, but Darian J. Elizondo believes there can’t be one without the other. After all, what good is the beauty of California's second district, complete with lush valleys, beautifully rugged shorelines, and gigantic redwood forests, if the people that live there are not secure or free enough to enjoy them. Legislation supported by Jared Hoffman only works to harm the people.

          As a former green party member, Darian J. Elizondo fully believes in the preservation of our beautiful district, arguably the most beautiful district in all of California and perhaps the United States as a whole, but he also believes in the preservation of the locals that live there, and securing their freedom to pursue their own economic interests free of unreasonable regulations that aim to cripple their ability to do so.

          There has to be a more symbiotic approach than what congressman Huffman is proposing and acting on. While Marin County is responsible for the majority of pollution in our district, it is the rural areas that are punished. Perhaps if Mr. Huffman could see past the smog of San Rafael he would be able to see that it isn’t the small businesses with a sizable footprint on pollution but rather the large corporations that he’s been representing, let’s not punish the little man for the sins of the corporations. Instead, let’s punish failed leadership that can’t get to the root of the actual problem, and frankly haven’t any real worthwhile solutions that work for the benefit of all Americans and not just special interests. 

          When it comes to such a closed-minded approach, representative Huffman hasn’t even a leg to stand on, much less the real qualities of leadership it takes to achieve a common goal. Instead of siding with large marijuana distribution while firmly planting a foot on the throat of smaller distributions through over regulation and over taxation, he sides with large interests that can overcome the overregulation and not the smaller business that is strangled by it, it waxes poetic of the lumber industry before it.

          And just like the lumber industry, Huffman intends to sit idly by and watch the commerce of the mom and pop enterprises capsize. Saying nothing while special interests move in and snuff out small enterprises, and instead of supporting regulatory legislation that would put the final nail in the coffins of a plethora of small businesses and franchises. In short, any man in a position like his that offers not a helping hand, but a knife in your back is not a man representing your best interests.

          Darian J. Elizondo offers a helping hand, by supporting rollbacks on such disastrous legislation, which means to uplift small businesses free of unbalanced, unfair, and uncompassionate rule of ineffective leadership, and special interests. It’s time we the people had a fighting chance.

          And when Jared Huffman declares himself a champion of climate change, his fatal representation only makes apparent that it’s the political climate that needs changing before we address real issues. And not non-issues. Simply put, legislation that defends both our environment and our economy, and not conglomerates.

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          Representative Huffman’s approach to police reform is blatantly nonsensical, and a political performance in which he addresses non-issues and not actual facts. Refusing to defend our public servants, rather siding with those who would threaten their jobs and social duties. It is advocating chaos and attempting to do away with social order. And when he threatens the social order of his constituents, he does so by disingenuous representation as to what constituents need, ignoring hard truths of rural life, and the reliance that way of life places on first responders.

          “Systemic racism and injustices against Black people and communities of color have been tolerated in this country for far too long. This is our moment of reckoning: a chance for Americans to finally confront our original sin of racism and change the systems and policies that have perpetuated it,” Huffman said in a virtual town hall on his co-sponsored “JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT OF 2020”

          It goes to show that not only does he engage in a race-baiting narrative, but that he dances around the actual facts. We don’t need a showman, and we certainly don’t need a sycophant who falls in line with his party’s narratives without question, and without anything of substance to add. 

          Instead, Jared Huffman and the democratic party at large, only obfuscate the issue, never really addressing it. Instead of criticizing the problem for what it is, that being the abuse or misuse of power, a subject that should be all too familiar for Mr. Huffman and his contemporaries who themselves are in Government positions. He would rather engage in a narrative obsessed with racism. A narrative that doesn’t combat any actual issues, but rather drives a wedge between the American people, threatening the unity of not only his constituents, but all American citizens be it willingly or unintentionally. Obviously, any person who cosponsors actions that only harm and divide the unity of the United States does not for a good representative make.

          Whenever Huffman engages in a narrative on racism, he always does so to avoid addressing the actual issue, whatever that issue may be, it’s only in this particular case that it pertains to the police. He often criticizes U.S. institutions for being inherently racist, always conveniently leaving out the institutions that he aligns himself with. And when he does this, not only does he threaten our unity as stated above, he spits on the graves of 360,222 American soldiers that fought to end what Huffman calls “the original American sin”, and to preserve the American Union in our Civil War. One would think someone who comes from the political faction that favored the Confederacy wouldn’t forget that, or perhaps the reasoning behind his rhetoric that only seeks to divide the people has been rooted in his party ever since.

          Regardless, Darian J. Elizondo rises to challenge the issue at hand, and not dance around it with useless rhetoric. The answer lies not in defunding the police but in demilitarizing the police. In order to preserve the unity of the American public, the police force across the nation must remain pillars of the community.

          As such, we must do away with the Bush-era and Obama-era policies that worked to militarize the police force and even the fish and game wardens. In short, policemen and women should not look like an occupying military force, but rather that small-town sheriff who you feel you can go to for help, Who embodies the values of the communities they serve. Bring back the beat cop and not the marching soldier, we already have a national guard, and we already have swat teams.

          In the third and fourth factors, we discussed policies on immigration and the regulation of small businesses, succeeding in those two factors would bring down the crime rate and the need for a militarized police force, by lifting crime-riddled lower class, and impoverished communities into A safer and more hard-working environment, as the age-old adage tells us “ idle hands are the devil's playthings”, let’s help our fellow Americans prosper, at the same time while driving down crime rates and restoring the prestige of our police.

          As a young child, when Darian J Elizondo was growing up in California’s second congressional district, he recalls his familiarity with our local first responders and cherishing their hard work that kept him and his family safe in a very rural area in which social infrastructure isn’t all that available except for the police, who uphold social infrastructure in the most rural of American areas.

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          What really is it good for? Darian J Elizondo argues it should be unconstitutional to take military action without a formal declaration of war, The last declaration of which took to the floor shortly after Pearl Harbor. Jared Huffman however, argues against military action when it goes against party lines, and not for the best interests of his fellow citizens.

          As Irish statesman and writer Edmund Burke once wrote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”, in Huffman’s case, it is his inaction and his failure to speak out against that which has given rise to the dogma of nation-building and geopolitical intervention, all the while hanging the American people out to dry.

          Before an affiliation with the Green party, Darian J Elizondo was a member of the peace and freedom party. As such, he often voted for Huffman on his strong antiwar stance, as many of his constituents did, only to be sorely disappointed by Huffman’s feeble stance. Huffman, along with the gross majority of his contemporaries, has proven time and time again that they can talk the talk, but when it comes time to walk the walk, they all neatly toe the line and allow themselves to be placated by party politics.

          Throughout Huffman’s nearly decade long tenure, he has witnessed the prolonged United States intervention in Iraq, the United States intervention in Syria against ISIS along with wasteful usage of taxpayers dollars on training rebel militants that have no motive nor benefit to American interests at home or abroad, and the intervention in Afghanistan along with our disastrous withdrawal.

           Representative Huffman’s platform may indeed be a strong one on paper, but Darian J Elizondo sees it for what it really is, promises made and promises unkept. A man who offers explanations, but never any solutions. A man who will rise to defend another nation, while leaving his own Nation to fester in its own decline made possible by failed leadership.

          Huffman has never condemned such a misappropriation of tax dollars, and instead votes to spend it like a child in a candy store, or in his case, a politician with a pallet of cash in Iran. It’s time to crush the “iron triangle” and spend our efforts at nation-building at home.

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In the end, what is necessary for America to thrive, are hardline stances, and not untenable positions. Where Congressman Huffman fights for “pretty on paper” issues like "pushing public policy formed on the basis of reason, science, and moral values" and standing up for non-issues like “the separation of Church and State” (something guaranteed to us in the 14th amendment). Darian J. Elizondo doesn’t care what looks pretty on paper, he cares about the needs of proper representation to his fellow constituents, a proper representation which Mr. Elizondo and his constituents have been starved of for close to ten years.

Enough is enough, no more untenable positions, no more wasteful legislation. It’s time for positions that unite the people, and legislation that works for the people, for the 2nd Congressional District of California, and from sea to shining sea.

We don’t need a representative that attempts to divide his constituents, and his fellow citizens by crying “hate speech” and “racism” at anyone who challenges him, we need a representative that declares that every person in these United States are Red, White, and Blue. That our people and our values are not to be divided, and their freedoms no longer be denied them. We must form a common front, to progress towards economic security, medical freedom, and a slice of the American dream for all by growing the middle class. We have the federal resources to do this, by ceasing nation-building abroad and focusing on national growth here at home.

It’s time that we the people place our trust in a congressman that listens before he speaks for us, that conveys our concerns from home all the way to Washington, who fights for each and every one of us, and not the select few, for whom the only special interests, are those of his fellow citizens, Who fights for the prosperity of every American community.



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